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Project Background

The Burnham Avenue Railroad Crossing Study is located in the Village of Burnham and is adjacent to the Hegewisch neighborhood in the City of Chicago. Burnham Avenue is the primary roadway that links these two communities and is used by motorists, transit users, pedestrians, and bicyclists to commute and for recreational purposes. The at-grade crossing at this location intersects with five (5) railroad tracks, experiencing 8,200 vehicles per day and over four (4) hours of downed gate time.


The railroads at the crossing are the Chicago South Shore and South Bend Railroad (CS&S), which Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) operates on, the CSX Transportation (CSX), and the Norfolk Southern Railway (NS). All railroad crossings are located in the Village of Burnham.

Burnham Avenue intersection
Overall, the Burnham Avenue Railroad Crossing Study will benefit and improve the quality of life for local community members, commuters, and other stakeholders. 
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Will be improved by eliminating the need for vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists to intersect with freight, passenger, and commuter trains. 

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Will be improved for all users by eliminating the need to wait for trains to pass across Burnham Avenue.




Will be reduced by eliminating the need for vehicles to wait at downed railroad gates. This project will also reduce the need for vehicles to travel one mile west to Torrence Avenue where a grade separation exists. 



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Will be improved by decreasing carbon emissions that are produced from idling cars at downed gates.

Burnham Avenue environment
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